The Carver Legacy Center is a Black-owned financial center and wealth building system with an innovative joint venture with American National Bank, member FDIC insured.


The Vision

Build Black Wealth. 
Create Strong Communities.

The Carver Legacy financial model and ecosystem will be recognized as the center point for creating sustainable wealth for African-Americans and North Omaha residents.


The Mission

To create an innovative and collaborative financial center focused on building Black and North Omaha wealth.

The collective focus will be to assist African-Americans and North Omaha residents with:

  • Increasing personal savings and investments
  • Becoming home owners
  • Launching and scaling businesses
  • Creating jobs in the community
  • Supporting community-led revitalization
  • Creating generational and legacy wealth
  • Investing in our youth

Research from the MAPA/PolicyLink Equity Profile projects $4 billion+ will be added to the regional economy when African-Americans and other people of color reach equity. The entire region will win!