The Carver Legacy Center in partnership with American National Bank, is launching a three phased approach to establishing a Black-owned financial institution. 24th & Lake will be the home site.  Individuals, organizations, ministries and businesses can open accounts, make deposits and conduct business at all American National Bank locations. A major focus will be increasing Access to Credit & Capital for black businesses.

Phase I: Accounts can be opened and deposits can be made at the Carver Legacy Center and all American National Bank locations designated as “Carver Legacy” accounts.  “Carver Legacy” account opening packets will be available at the Carver Building as well as other American National Bank locations.

Phase II: Loans funded by deposits to “Carver Legacy” at American National Bank will go to African American businesses and individuals in the greater Omaha metro area and North Omaha residents, subject to banking regulations.

Phase III: Carver Financial Innovation Center, LLC, upon opening, will begin its joint venture with American National Bank within bank regulatory guidelines.