The Carver Legacy Center in partnership with American National Bank, has launched a three phased approach to establishing a Black-owned financial institution and wealth building system.

24th & Lake in the Historic Carver building will be the home site.  A major focus will be increasing Access to Credit & Capital for Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs and North Omaha residents, subject to banking regulations.

Individuals, organizations, ministries and businesses can now open accounts, make deposits and conduct business at all American National Bank locations.

The Carver Legacy Center is a Black-owned financial and wealth-building center.  The CLC sub-contracts banking services with American National Bank, member FDIC insured.

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In addition, please review these documents if you are interested in applying for a Business Loan.

  1. Carver Legacy Center Loan Application Checklist 2022
  2. Sources and Uses Worksheet for Carver Legacy Center 2022
  3. SBA Form 1919
  4. Schedule of Liabilities Form Carver Legacy Center 3 2023

Progress with the Financial Institution

Phase I: Completed

  • Renovate the Historic Carver Savings and Loan building.
  • Create and implement systems to connect Carver Legacy Center to joint venture partner, American National Bank.
  • Work with customers to open Carver Legacy accounts and secure initial deposits.
  • Facilitate business loans and home loans.
  • Launch cohorts and training sessions for Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Further develop partnerships with preferred vendors and support organizations to create an ecosystem and pathway for entrepreneurs.

Phase II:  Started April 4, 2022

The opening of the Carver Legacy Center at 2416 Lake Street.  On April 4th, 2022 a soft opening was conducted with customers and strategic business partners.

On April 9th, a Community Celebration and Open House will be held between 10 am and 2 pm.

Phase II also includes the opening of:

  • The Revive Omaha Store featuring products, services and gifts from Black-owned and North Omaha businesses.  Initial hours will be Tuesday – Saturday from Noon to 5 pm.
  • The Business HUB where businesses can get connected to technical assistance and resources by appointment.
  • The Carver Legacy Financial Center where business owners and residents can meet with loan officers and apply for loans by appointment.

Opening Carver Legacy Accounts:

Accounts can now be opened at all American National Bank locations designated as “Carver Legacy” accounts.

Loans funded by deposits to “Carver Legacy” at American National Bank will go to African American businesses and individuals in the greater Omaha metro area and North Omaha residents, subject to banking regulations.

“Carver Legacy” interest forms are available at the Carver Building, but customers will not be able to open accounts at the 24th and Lake location until Phase III.  Temporarily, during the afternoon of April 5th and during the Community Celebration on April 9th, customers who are interested in opening accounts at the Historic location can do so on those days.

Phase III:  To Be Announced Once Final Approval is Received and Deposits Reach the Level Required

The Carver Legacy Team is working to make the 24th and Lake location a full service branch which will allow customers to conduct all banking services, including use of an ITM, opening of accounts on site and customized and personalize debit cards with the Carver brand.

Once approved, Carver Legacy Financial Services Center, LLC, upon opening, will begin its joint venture with American National Bank within bank regulatory guidelines.