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The Carver Legacy Center is a black owned financial and banking center supported by a joint venture with American National Bank.

Carver Legacy accounts are part of the joint venture between the Carver Financial Innovation Center (CFIC) and American National Bank. Your FDIC* insured accounts with American National Bank are committed to the purposes of the Carver Legacy Center as shown in the Carver Promise on the American National Bank website and set forth below. Under a confidentiality agreement between American National Bank and the CFIC, the account names, account types, initial deposit amount, loan related information which includes requested amount and other non-public information may be shared exclusively between American National Bank and the CFIC, its employees and officers. Both the CFIC and American National Bank have an obligation under this agreement to ensure all information is safeguarded at all times.

By opening an account with the Carver Legacy Center through American National Bank and signing this document, you approve of your non-public information being shared confidentially between American National Bank, its affiliates, regulatory bodies and agencies, and the employees and officers of the CFIC. Further, your non-public information may be shared from time to time with third party vendors (such as the vendor who processes our transactions or provides our debit cards) in accordance with the Privacy policy of American National Bank. This sharing of information will facilitate the accomplishment of the Carver Promise, the mission of the CFIC and Carver Legacy Center.

*Your deposits are FDIC insured with standard insurance amounts of $250,000 per depositor. Ask us more about FDIC Insurance Coverage or use the FDIC’s calculator at